Scrap Processing and Tolling Service

furnacesAs experts in the art of processing zinc scrap, Imperial Zinc Corp. guarantees the highest recovery in the industry. Imperial Zinc Corp. recycles customer’s zinc scrap back into virgin ingot or sow form for a small tolling charge. At the customer’s request, we can purchase the scrap upon market-based formulas.

Our 12 scrap processing furnaces are manned at all times. Our combination of rotary, reverbatory, sweat and kettle type furnaces allow the flexibility to process all grades of zinc scrap. Our furnace operators are trained to maximize the zinc metallic recovery in the most efficient manner.

At the customer’s option, Imperial will return the finished product back in virgin ingot or sow form.

Laboratory Services


Imperial Zinc Corp. maintains extremely tight controls on all of our products. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with 3 modern spectrometers. Each machine is calibrated daily and at least twice a year is completely reviewed by an outside contractor.


Each heat produced at our plant is sampled a minimum of 3 times before it is poured out into it’s final product. During the pouring process, 5 additional samples are taken to ensure a homogeneous product throughout. All samplesare stored for one year by the lot number for customer traceability.